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What To Keep In Mind When Planning Winter Entertaining At Home

What To Keep In Mind When Planning Winter Entertaining At Home


Did you pick up this year's calendar recently and feel like hosting a winter party at the comfort of your own home? Then this article is just for you as we are going to dive into winter entertainment options at home.


Winter is the time when we all love to take a chill pill from life and enjoy our relaxing days in the backyard of our house. It should hardly affect you if the pools are closed.


Yes, closed pools do not make it less of entertainment for your guests to enjoy the outdoor space. There are several other ways utilising which you can still make the winter party going and make your guests feel the warmth.

In this article, learn about the ways to enhance your hospitality style with five ways to warm up your great outdoors. This will indeed help you keep your friends and family cosy throughout the party in fall and winter.


So, start fixing the date for some wintertime entertainment. Of course, you can bookmark this guide as a reference to help you again. Now, let us get started without any delay.


Things To Keep The Outdoor Warm


One of the most attractive ways to maintain heat in your patio is keeping an outdoor fire pit or a fireplace in the backyard landscaping.  


Fire Pits —


Fire pits are usually available at a more affordable price for heating up your patio. This affordable option comes with temporary features that are great for setting up a warm environment for your family and friends. Sit, relax and enjoy spending some quality time together, engage in storytelling or celebrate the wintertime.


If you are running late to get something for your patio heating, go for a fire pit. This particular heating option can be your last moment choice to pick inexpensively from any home improvement store.


Fireplace —


A fireplace is a perfect heating source for the patio and also complements the space. It has the potential to take the coolness out of the setting and increase the warmth. Moreover, it can be a great addition to the patio to enhance the visual appeal and become the constant focal point of your backyard landscape.


Besides, this is available for every user in a variety of ways. Be it for professional installation or a simple DIY fireplace kit, you will get many fireplace options to host and entertain your guests during winters.


Chimeneas —


Chimeneas are portable, freestanding fireplaces that are generally made with clay, aluminium or sometimes with cast iron. This unique patio heating alternative is continually coming into use from indigenous cultures. It perfectly provides the much-needed warmth and takes up a little space to store. Besides, the Chimeneas can guard fire against the rain.


Though some people still continue to use it as a cooking or baking tool, chimeneas are now commonly used in the patio as practical garden decor. It is put on as an attractive heating alternative, and it is much more affordable than the outdoor fireplace.


Thanks to their design, chimeneas provides ample heating that is essential to create a warmer and cosier vibe for winter gatherings at home. However, do not use chimeneas on the bark, natural grass yards or wood chips.


Bonfire —


If you have the space, make way for a bonfire. This old school yet oh so attractive patio heating option is ideal for winter entertainment at home. This option can surely heat up the gathering, but make sure to conduct it safely following the local government rules and regulations. Also, do not forget to bring in some yummy marshmallows to get the real bonfire fun!


Patio Heater —


Whatever source it takes, patio heaters emit sparkling, radiant heat.

These freestanding heaters need the fuel of propane. They are available in multiple styles like hanging, tabletop and standing.


It does not blow hot air that disperses into your space similar to space heaters; the sparkling heat takes the journey through the air and keeps you warm and toasted.


Best Clothing Ideas to Keep Warm


It may seem to be hard to always stay fashionable, especially when it is cold outside if you don't know the trick. However, during colder times, when you are hosting an outdoor entertainment party at home, a good "Stay Warm" clothing counter can make a hell of a lot


of difference. Being the host, you need to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in the chilly weather and covered head, body and toe.


There is a good understanding of knowing what will make your outdoor entertainment adventurous and nightmare. Hence, I highly recommend the Catalonia store crafts their clothes to keep the wearer warm and staving off the chilly wind.


Here are some of their best warm wearable blankets that you can get for your winter outdoor entertainment at home.


Wearable Sherpa Blanket with Sleeves Arms and Feet Pockets


When it is cold, and you and your guests are chilling outside, you need nothing but a wearable warm blanket to curl up and unwind. However, not every blanket is made of the same material. Some blankets can be too thin to offer comfort from cold air.


This is why Catalonia Stores offer Wearable Sherpa Blankets with Sleeves Arms and Feet Pockets. So, what is Sherpa?


Well, Sherpa is a type of synthetic wool designed in the imitation of sheep wool. It is a product of polyester or sometimes acrylic fibres with two variant sides.


Moreover, this wearable blanket with sleeves is much more comfortable than the original wool. This looks soft, gives warmth and comfort along with being practical to wear. Plus, this blanket with sleeves is ideal for people who complain about cold feet in the winter months.


So, include this modern-day material blanket in your closet and get your fashion game going.


Cow Hoodie Blanket Portable for Adults


The cow's popular print on the blanket has a warm sherpa lining. This makes them look more fashionable and classy. Consequently, you not only manage to stay warm but also stylish.


Catalonia Stores bring this Cow Hoodie Blanket Portable for Adults in white color with brownish cow imprints on it. This cow print hoodie blanket is available in oversized that make it suitable for all the adults having different figures.


Now coming to its comfort quotient, being oversized, you get the chance to move freely irrespective of your figure type. In addition, the oversized blanket hoodie will help in keeping you warm literally from head to toe.



Hooded Blanket Poncho Wearable Blanket Wrap for Adults


This blanket with a hood from Catalonia is just perfect for every adult, especially those who feel cold during winter. The red and black checkered design with a sleek white border in this wearable blanket adults look absolutely winter-ready.


With Hooded Blanket Poncho Wearable Blanket Wrap For Adults, you would not have to wear a hat separately. Besides, this wearable blanket snuggie is the star product that can efficiently warm your body and head as soon as you wear it.


Again, to make you feel more comfortable and convenient, there is a fixed strap present in the front of the wearable blanket. This will prevent the blanket from falling when you are engrossed in enjoying the party.


Last but not least, thanks to its sherpa fabric, your guests will not feel cold after wearing it.




Women Wearable Poncho Blanket


All the women in your outdoor winter entertainment guest list would love adorning this stylish Women Wearable Poncho Blanket from Catalonia. This wearable blanket in poncho style has a red and black checkered pattern all over the body. Rightly, it is the best suitable outfit for almost all winter festivals.


Besides, the shawl-like design looks elegant and offers comfort. So, even after wearing this, one can easily move their hands to work or enjoy. Yes, women wearing this elegant wearable blanket can cook, take a sip of hot coffee and do other things freely.



Winter is the most eventful time of the year when every one of us engages in hosting parties or small friends and family get to gather. Unlike other seasons, we need to take extra steps to make the setting perfect for the guests, especially when you do it outdoor. By taking extra steps, we mean to make your outdoor setting more warm, cosy and comfortable.

You can bring some sort of patio heaters to increase the temperature of your backyard. But this is not all. You must also think about building a wearable blanket wardrobe to keep the guests more warm and cheerful. Having said that, we know that neither you nor your guests would like to bulk up with winter layers. This is why we choose wearable blanket adults from the Catalonia store.

So, how about you? If you like the idea of jumping into a warm, cosy and comfortable wearable blanket, check out to turn your winter fashion game on.


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