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What Outdoor Winter Activities Can Help in Staying Fit?

What Outdoor Winter Activities Can Help in Staying Fit?

Get up if you are a couch potato during winters because these outdoor activities can help you stay fit without taking much effort!



Psst: Stay till the last because we will give you bonus tips that will help you in acing these outdoor winter activities without getting cold peaks.

When the winter blows in, you pull the blankets over your head and go back to sweet dreams where you were exercising in the midst of snow. Maybe, in another scenario, you are making excuses to yourself from the past few months. You are comforting yourself with your inner monologue, “ I am too busy for this activity” or “It’s so cold outside.” Another classic excuse could be gyms are closed, so how to exercise in the winter without going to the gym?




All of the above feels familiar, right?



However, there is no reason to take a break from physical outdoor activities when the temperature drops. In fact, you can exercise outside, as exercising in cooler weather has some major advantages compared to working out in warmer weather.


Why It’s Important to Stay Active During the Winter Months?

Physical exercises are extremely beneficial to both mental and physical health. These activities help us feel great physically as well as emotionally. Not only, we feel great, but outdoor activities improve our cognitive function so we can stay sharp!

Although, the cold weather may scare many people from exercising outside. The winter season can be a challenging time to stay active. The temperature is cold, there are only a few daylight hours, and the surfaces outside are slippery. However, outdoor winter activities have many benefits if you are rightly prepared for the cold weather. For instance, make sure you have proper winter snowshoes and you are covered with soft wearables like these Hoodie blankets. These hoodie blankets are best that keep you warm from head to toe.


What Happens to Our Bodies When We Are Sedentary?

By nature, humans are not meant to be sedentary. We need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy; otherwise, we are at risk of both physical and mental health problems. An inactive or sedentary lifestyle can dramatically affect our bodies as we burn fewer calories, ending up gaining weight. Besides that, an inactive lifestyle leads to poor blood circulation, weaker bones, and a great loss of muscle strength due to less muscular activities. In short, when our bodies remain sedentary and are not exercising enough, we become more prone to health risks like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, anxiety, and even depression. 


What Happens When We are Indoors in The Winters?

Generally speaking, most of us like to have a hermetic lifestyle during winters by staying indoors as outdoor activities seem intimidating due to chilly weather. During winters, you are more likely to experience the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), also known as ‘Winter Depression,’ such as:

  • Oversleeping
  • Depression
  • Low energy
  • Lack of interest in the activities you enjoy
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Changes in weight and appetite
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Feeling Sluggish and agitated
  • Feeling Hopeless and guilty

However, Outdoor physical activities can greatly help you improve mood by increasing serotonin levels and fighting off SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms. Besides that, physical activities help enhance blood circulation, which helps you boost your immune system.


What Do Experts Recommend?

The experts recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of workouts a week for moderate-intensity physical activity. Activities like running, walking, and cycling are the best easy workouts. Moreover, experts recommend breaking your outdoor activities routine into smaller chunks of time, or you may spread the activities during the week. You can try a 30 minutes workout 5 days a week. In the end, it all counts!


Gear up to stay fit all winter long? So, get started today with these outdoor activities we are mentioning below:

Stay Fit with These Outdoor Winter Activities

● Winter Run

First, on the list of outdoor winter activities, we have walking and running. It’s one of the easiest outdoor exercises to keep you warm during the winter. They don’t require your extra effort, and you can do them easily in any weather condition unless it’s extremely cold. You just need to put up your shoes,  any Catalonia Hoodie Blanket, and hit the trail!

Dress up and head out for an outdoor winter adventure!

Also, if you want to make your walk comfier, try this Fleece Catalonia Blanket Hoodie! This lightweight, comfortable, warm, and easy to carry blanket hoodie is perfect for you when you are out for winter activities. This hoodie can perfectly accompany you while you are walking your dog, running in the morning, or simply walking in the park in the evening with your family.

Pro tip- Be careful and pay attention to the sidewalk conditions, as some surfaces can be irregular and lead to injuries. Besides, walking on the clear sidewalks is preferable as it can make running or walking easier.

catalonia blanket


● Winter Campfire

Believe it or not, a winter campfire is a great time for friends and families to get out of the house and enjoy the cold weather. Not only this, Winter Campfire can help you participate in Outdoor activities in the winter season. Here are some of the winter outdoor activities that can help you be active this winter:

➔ Shoveling

Got huge snow in your backyard and want to campfire as well? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shovel the 3 feet of snow from last night’s snowstorm. Instead of begging your neighbor kids to do it, Put the camp outside your house, put on your gloves, pop on your boots, and grab your shovel.

Not only is shoveling an excellent activity, but it is also a superb strengthening cardio workout for your shoulders, back, legs and core. Just give your 30 minutes to shoveling, and you can burn up to 233 calories.

➔ Snow Playing

Another outdoor winter activity is our childhood favorite, which is the snow-playing activity. If it’s snowing and you can’t go to work, and even your kids are out of their school, it is the perfect time to make the most out of it. Roll up with your family for the snow play and be ready to burn up to 200-400. Other activities you can try on while playing with the snow include:

  • Old fashioned snowball fight
  • Building a snow fort
  • Making snow angels

Pro tip: The calories you burn are totally dependent on how tall you will form the snowmen.

➔ Downhill Skiing

A great fitness activity for your whole family. Although other costs and life tickets make this activity a bit more expensive, you can burn many calories while having fun outside in the campfire. Moreover, this is not an intense activity, but if you are a ski enthusiast, you can do it for hours, and it can really add up to your calorie burn count.

➔ Snowshoeing

A killer outdoor winter activity, snowshoeing, is similar to Nordic skiing. However, it's a little easier because you just have to slip the snowshoe gear on your own boots, and you just simply have to walk. This winter sports activity is less expensive than other winter activities, and you can easily burn 400-600 calories per hour.

➔ Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is the ultimate outdoor winter activity because you are using both your lower and upper body in it. Ask any skier about it, and you may hear the story of how skiing could be an amazing calorie burner.

For example, a person with 150 pounds can lose about 340 calories in just 30 minutes of cross country skiing. Moreover, this fitness activity could be done in the area nearby your home or park. No need to hit the slopes that are pricey!

Want to enjoy all campfire activities like shoveling, cross country skiing, and downhill skiing without freezing your body? Consider this Plaid Catalonia Blanket Hoodiea cozy and oversized sweatshirt made of the smooth microfleece and sherpa lining that keeps you warm from head to toe. No need to worry about getting it dirty because of its material!

catalonia paid blanket hoodie

● Bird Feeding

Birds feeding is surely an act of kindness as birds neither have the luxury of cozy fireplaces, blankets nor have something hot to drink in winters. Interestingly, bird feeding activities can keep you active this winter. Further, this activity is quite good if you don’t want to indulge yourself in high workout activities.

While doing an act of kindness and on the way to making yourself active, make sure you are keeping yourself warm. Try this Women's Faux Fur Collar Catalonia Cloak Coa t! This women's Catalonia cloak coat will save you from chilly winds so you can enjoy the winter outdoor activities without getting ill.

catalonia cope

● Visiting a Farm

Visiting a farm is an excellent outdoor activity for the winter holiday season. Not only are you going to get a break from your routine and get a dose of nature there, but you will also stay active during the winter.

Make sure visiting a farm in winters does not harm your health. To keep your body warm and cozy during the visit, wear Teddy Catalonia Blanket HoodieNo matter if you are visiting the farm, walking, or enjoying the outdoors, this adult Catalonia blanket hoodie will keep you warm throughout the day.

blanket hoodie

Stay Warm in Outdoor Winter Activities

If you have decided to be active this winter through the above activities, you should wear clothes that will keep you warm, dry, and fit all day long. For ultimate safety from the cold, you should wear clothes made of wool and propylene that will save you from losing your body heat even if the fabric gets moist. It’s advisable not to wear cotton.

Catalonia store is offering full coverage wearables that can save you from the cold and chilly outdoor winds. We have different types of wearables, including  Hoodie BlanketWearable Blankets, and  Oversized Hoodies that are perfect for outdoor winter activities.

Staying fit shouldn't be difficult. That's why Catalonia Store has introduced an easy and warm clothing line for you so that you can stay physically active this winter. Not only are these wearables made of high-quality wool, but they will also keep you warm and comfortable outside, just like you feel indoors!

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