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Tips for kids during a COVID-safe Winter Party

Tips for kids during a COVID-safe Winter Party

Celebrating birthday parties, especially if it is for kids, is a challenge in the COVID-19 situation. The world is getting used to the pandemic, and with full vaccination, we dare to step out of the four walls of our homes. Though you wouldn't like to host a large-scale birthday party, still a kid's party will liven up your little munchkin's face.


There could be more logistics during cold weather, especially now, but that doesn't mean you cannot keep the promise and host a birthday party for your baby.


We are sure that you are searching to get some tips for kids during a COVID-safe winter party, and we will not disappoint you. In this guide, you will get tips on winter clothes, food, and drinks, activities, places that are kids' appropriate. So, what are you waiting for? Go through our guide and invite kids to celebrate the special day.


Amazing Winter Clothes to Keep your Baby Warm


Kids are now the next-gen fashionistas, and they like to wear everything fashionable. However, during the winter season, it may seem quite a challenge to find out fashionable warming clothes of their taste. Moreover, when you plan to host an outdoor winter birthday party for your baby, you definitely need some cozy birthday clothes. Otherwise, your baby will only cough and sneeze the next day.


Ensure that your baby is feeling comfortable in the cold weather while playing in the snow. It is important to cover them from head to toe in order to prevent sickness.


You can get an amazing wearable blanket snuggie from the Catalonia store. Just like wearable blankets adults, they have a cute and attractive wearable blanket for little munchkins. Grab them to keep your baby warm while enjoying the birthday party.


Here we have some recommendations that will show you a glimpse of their best cute and warm wearable blankets.

 Rainbow Blanket Hoodie For Teens Kids


While celebrating a birthday outside, your baby will feel cold and uneasy. So, when planning a birthday party, consider thinking about getting warm wearables for your kids.


The Catalonia Store offers Rainbow Blanket Hoodie for Teen kids, which has cute sherpa lining. Sherpa is the synthetic wool that will help in keeping your baby cozy and warm.

So, if your baby likes vibrant colors, get this oversized blanket hoodie. The colors will enhance even more when your little one plays on the white snow.


Bear Blanket Hoodie for Kids (7-13 years)

 Give your growing-up kid an adorable look at her/his birthday party with a bear blanket hoodie. Designed in the shape of the brown bear, this wearable blanket has a sherpa lining that will keep your baby warm inside. Moreover, wearing this oversized blanket hoodie, your baby will get a chance to move freely here and there.




Cow Kids hooded blanket

 This Cowprint Hoodie Blanket is a favorite among kids. Your kid won't feel comfortable wearing a loose wearable that continuously falls off while they indulge in celebration. The Cow Kids hooded blanket comes with cuffs that are tight and prevent slipping off. Again, the oh-so-soft fabric is so comfortable that your baby will feel like lying on a cloud.



Children Hooded Fleece Blanket

 You cannot get angry if your kid goes to play and comes back dirty on a special day. This navy blue Children Hooded Fleece Blanket is perfect for boys as it is hard to make the wearable blanket dirty. If there is dirt also, the children blanket with sleeves is machine washable in cold water soft mode.



Kids Activities to Get Them Going


  • Get the kids playing snow


Let them play with snow, make a snowman together, teach them how to make snowballs. Also, allow them to stomp on the snow and leave footprints. You can take pictures to save their playful memories.


  • Winter Scavenger Hunt


Incorporate a fun and exciting winter scavenger hunt in the birthday party and see it becomes a big hit! With this winter scavenger hunt, the kids will get a chance to embrace some fresh air. Take out some prints of the scavenger hunting game sheets and keep your kids and their friends engaged finding them.


  • Take them on a nature walk


Outdoor activities like going on a nature walk stimulate the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of children. When they get closer to nature, they experience the free-flowing environment that accelerates their senses. Take them along with you on a nature walk to let them discover, develop creative ideas and spend a good time together on a special day.


  • Skating


During winter, when the surroundings are all snow-covered, skating isn't a negligible option to incorporate into a kid's birthday party. For fun, you can ask them to play an amoeba-like game. Sounds unique?


Ask the kids to make a line and keep their hands on the waist who are standing in front of them. Then tell them to skate around and watch how long they can skate, maintaining the chain together.


What to serve for Food and Drink?


Winter birthdays are always special. Hosting a birthday party in the patio area, wearing warm clothes, and enjoying tasty and sizzling food is truly heaven. If your little munchkin was born in winter and you want to celebrate her birthday by throwing a party for her friends and kids around, take a look at the mind-blowing food and drinks options.


You can take inspiration from here and add it to the party menu. It hardly matters if you want to host a small birthday party or a grand one, adding winter-themed food and drinks. But, what actually matters is the selection of super tasty food and drinks that your munchkin and all the kids will relish.


  1. Sweet Potato Fries


Kids love finger food, and sweet potatoes are the showstopper of the winter months. How delectable will it be when you turn this healthy food into hot fries? Bake them to make it more healthy. Want some tips so that it comes out crispy?


Drizzle olive oil and a pinch or two of sea salt over the sweet potatoes tray before you keep it inside the oven to bake.


  1. Mozzarella Toast


Go all cheesy with melted mozzarella cheese on a crispy bread toast. The kids will love to grab them.


  1. Kromeskies


Want to add something crispy on the outside layer and full-on meaty inside? Kromesky is perfect for that. A croquette with minced meat filling is easy to prepare and great in taste. You can change the filling with chicken, bacon, or any other meat to make this popular Russian snack.


  1. Crispy Herb Chicken

A golden combination of succulent chicken chunks, Parmesan cheese, herbs, and chopped garlic coated with a thin layer of breadcrumbs deep-fried until it turns flavorsome golden brown.


  1. Mini Pizzas


Who said pizza? Yay! Add mini pizzas to the birthday menu and see how happy the kids become just by looking at them. Chicken or meat, bell peppers, onions, olives, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, sauce, and seasonings on thin crust mini pizzas sound delicious.




Birthday party drinks for kids need to be full of excitement and vibrant. Boring drinks will not do any good to make the party a great success. So, here's 5 fun drinks that you can add to the menu to make it a huge success with kids and adults.


  • Caramel Apple Smoothie


Caramel Apple Smoothie is a super easy and healthy recipe. You need only apple juice, milk, sliced apple and caramel sauce. The kids will definitely ask for more.


  • Spiced Apple Juice


If you search for a drink that will burst with flavors, spiced apple juice is ideal. All you need is hot apple juice and spiced apple syrup.


  • Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows


A glass of hot chocolate with marshmallows is the go-to item for winter parties. Nothing is more indulging than a glass of velvety smooth, rich dark chocolate topped with double cream. It is really hard to resist the temptation of this delectable drink.


  • Virgin Pina Colada


Kids love to drink frozen items. So, why not add Virgin Pina Colada to the menu?


  • Cranberry Holiday Delight


Well, this fancy drink looks not only exquisite but also tastes great. It can be the perfect drink option for your kid's winter birthday party.


Local Winter Birthday Places


What? Still in quest of a local winter birthday place? You can host a birthday party at the American Children's Park. The park has a big playground and is filled with age-appropriate equipment. Obviously, it will be a lot different than the usual home birthdays, with an outdoor space. But you can do many things to decorate the place.


Print out a birthday party banner, get balloons, and do anything that your munchkins like. You can also check the reservation option for specific areas. Get the special event permit and say 'Happy Birthday' to the apple of your eyes.




Hosting a winter birthday party for your winter baby can be quite a challenge. What to do? Where should you take the kids? We hope you are now well-read of the answers to your challenging questions.


Contrary to other seasons, you need to take a few extra steps, especially during the ongoing pandemic, to make the birthday party COVID-safe. Besides enjoying games and food, get some amazing winter clothes from and keep your children safe from the cold.


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