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How To Refresh Your Home With Catalonia Throw Blankets In Spring?

How To Refresh Your Home With Catalonia Throw Blankets In Spring?

Who wouldn't like to get cosy in a nice, warm and soft blanket on the bed or couch while enjoying the time? Throw blankets are not only practical but also stylish. As a result, it serves the purpose of adding sophistication to your home decor as well as a cozy blanket.


Thus, Catalonia throw blankets are so popular in today's market. It is essential for decorating your living room or bedroom. Besides, premium quality throws are versatile enough to add comfort, warmth and style. So, the throw blankets, if chosen correctly, can be a wonderful addition to any space.


Throw blankets are functional for every season as they are available in different types of fabric, colors and patterns. If you need them for extra warmth, draping around or giving a stylish touch to your room, throw blankets are a perfect addition. Among them, lightweight throw blankets are great for using in the summer or spring seasons. Plus, they are easy to carry anywhere you travel.


If you want to feel the warmth on a chilly night, use sherpa lining fabric. Not only that, but this one size blanket is perfect for gifting purposes.


Different ways to decorate throw Catalonia Blanket


Now that you know everything about Catalonia Throw Blankets and throw blankets in general, it is time to check out its different sizes. Check out the vast collection of Catalonia throw blankets to add a luxurious look and provide comfort to yourself.


1.The Corner Throw


Let's take a look at this corner throw blanket which you can use to drape the corner and create a cosy couch. If you want a more relaxed look, just throw it casually. It will give a more organic look yet a decorative look.


Nonetheless, you may also use this as a decor element and create a more clean, versatile look with this throw drape by folding it horizontally. Lightweight Catalonia Throw Blanket is a wonderful corner throw blanket that is lightweight and easy to carry. So, whether you go to a theatre, park, swimming pool or travel anywhere else, it will help your children stay away from getting cold.


This Catalonia Softest Throw Blanket is a product of 270 gsm fabric that helps to provide much-needed warmth. Plus, the best thing is that you can use it in any season to get a soft, cosy vibe.


Besides, this fuzzy reversible corner blanket is ideal for throwing onto the sofa or bed while you relax in an air conditioning room or during cold weather. Use it for your kids and let them enjoy a warm feeling while sleeping.


Moreover, the standard 50x60 inches can be a great gift for women and children on Christmas, Thanksgiving Day or any holiday. It comes in a clear package wrapped in a beautiful silk ribbon. To keep it clean, put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.




2.The Arm Throw


Another option that you can go for is the arm throw which is also an EHD favourite. It is best to throw on the arms of your favourite sofa. Imagine you come home after a tiring all-day work and see your sofa with an arm, throw blanket on it. This ultra-soft, cosy 50x60 throw plush blanket is best for both kids and adults to keep them safe from the cold. In addition, it is a perfect gift for snuggling on a cold day or a windy night. The bright colour of the arm throw instantly catches your eyes.


So, add colour, layer and texture to your living room. Catalonia Yellow Fleece throw blanket for couch is a super-soft blanket that has ultra-smooth fleece fabric on one side and fluffy warm sherpa lining on another side. Consequently, there is no need to worry about shedding. It is durable, lightweight and made of premium quality micro material.


This warm and cosy Catalonia throw blanket for the couch sofa is perfect for carrying along while travelling, relaxing in a college dorm, or working from home. Also, it is fantastic for gifting your friends or family as a holiday gift, birthday gift, Thanksgiving gift, Mother's Day gift or Christmas gift.



3.Back of the sofa


Need something to cover the back of your good old sofa? Choose this Catalonia Moroccan Ikat Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch to decorate your space like never before. It will make the visual look of your sofa back a lot more interesting. Yes, the back of your sofa also deserves attention.


And what could be more wonderful when you can get this on a budget. Talking about this Catalonia throw blanket, it uses dual materials. This means you get an ultra-smooth fleece material on one side and soft, fluffy warm sherpa fabric on another to provide that perfectly cosy feeling and warmth.


Besides, Catalonia is a brand that offers durability and comfort. Thus, you can trust their no shedding guarantee. Use it yourself or gift this to your friends or family and see how they go "aww" with your sweet gesture. It is suitable for gifting on Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, birthdays, anniversaries or any holiday.


The unique and eye-catching Moroccan style gives a modern yet traditional look to your space. So, get this one if you are into ethnic prints. After all, everyone likes it when their loved ones take care of them.


This ultra cosy throw blanket is available in the standard 50x60 size, which is absolutely perfect for both kids and adults. Drape yourself in it on a harsh chilly morning or cold night and enjoy watching TV, reading or sitting. The use of premium quality micro material offers a soft touch to snuggle up all year round.




4.The Chaise Throw


When you own a chaise, you definitely like everything luxurious. Cover your chaise with this wonderful Coral Fleece Catalonia Throw Blanket. This is perhaps one of the best luxury throw blankets you would have. Add this to your collection of blankets because there can never be too many blankets to keep up the style game.


It has the trending striped print on the body that is ideal for those who are into line sense and style. For your comfort, it also comes with ultra-smooth fleece on one side of the blanket and fluffy sherpa fabric on the flip side.


Whether you want to take a nap on the sofa or give it to your near and dear ones, the super-soft Catalonia fleece throw in standard 50x60 is best. Also, it will look very good and fashionable even if you drape it around your body.



5.Bed Throws


Finally, we come to the bed throw blankets. Remember, bed throws are different from your regular bed blanket. A bed blanket is a bigger blanket than any average throw blanket. Clearly, they are used to cover your bed completely.


Reversible Catalonia Sherpa Throw Blanket is a unique and elegant throw blanket for the bed. Since it is reversible, you can use it on both sides. Besides, both sides have fluffy sherpa fabric that makes it warmer. A product of premium quality fabric of microfiber, it offers an extra soft touch and feels when you snuggle inside it.


The addition of grey edges on this Catalonia throw blanket for the bed increases the uniqueness of the product. So, whatever decor your room has, this rich-looking throw blanket for bed can easily match up with the vibe.



Final Thought


When you are thinking about making a haven where you can relax, feel the comfort of your home, throw blankets are what you need. Throw blankets are not only ideal for giving a cozy vibe but also for creating a perfect design for your home. With this, you can accentuate your bed, couch or sofa. It helps to add texture and color to the bland space.


Catalonia throw blankets come in a standard size to provide warmth by draping on your sitting area or bed to grab an additional layer. The fabric used in them is beautiful and durable. So, get them in a variety of shades if you want a beautiful, warming and an easily washable throw blanket.

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