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Coronavirus: Work from home jobs Guide of  2020

Coronavirus: Work from home jobs Guide of 2020

With the rising cases of covid-19, most people are at home. It's needless to say that their productivity has decreased as they find nothing to do at home that can generate income. But have you considered working from home? It's a good source of income that most people have been doing over the past few years. Still, there is a good number of people who are probably not aware of it. There are doubts as to whether working from home will be useful. Since we are living in a dynamic world, there is a high chance that the majority of workers will be working from home at the end of the pandemic. But there ’re  lots of things that you probably don't know. Here we will help you with enough information that will make it possible for you to get started.

Working at home is the way of the future.

Working from home isn't something that started as a result of the effects of corona virus. A decade prior to the CORONAVIRUS epidemic, there were a good number of people working on part time jobs from home while others were working full time. Nonetheless, each of them provided some meaningful income to those working on the jobs. For some time now, there has been optimism among the current workforce that the traditional work office would soon be replaced by working from home. However, it was seen as something that will take some time before it comes to effect.


After the pandemic took control of everything and forced nearly all countries to a lockdown, people have started to look for alternative ways of making money. This is when working from home was seen as a viable alternative by most companies instead of shutting down completely. From now it's not a matter of something of the future but something that is with us.

Advantages of working from home

Working from home has certain advantages as compared to the traditional office. Here are some of the advantages.

  1. Save a lot of time and money. A traditional office is normally situated at a place where most of the workers have to go early in the morning and leave after work. The problem with this, especially for offices situated in the heart of an urban centre is that employees normally spend a lot of time commuting to and from the office.
  2. Work at any time you find convenient. Nobody restricts you while working from home. In fact, the main advantage is that you do not have to work normal working hours. You work at the time you feel comfortable.
  1.  Work anywhere. This is the other freedom that working from home gives you. Nobody restricts you if you decide to work at a coffee shop or a restaurant.
  2. Being independent. As you will be working from home, no one will monitor you to check on the progress of the task. You have to organize yourself to ensure that you complete the tasks on time.
  3. Avoiding office politics. In the office, as a result of chatting and hanging out with others, there is some gossiping that tends to occur. As a result, workers might find themselves at loggerheads with each other. This is avoided with stay at home jobs as there is no time to meet up for chatting.

What are the challenges of home-based jobs?

A coin has two sides is a saying that implies everything (Stay at home jobs included) has its own advantages and disadvantages no matter how good it might look. If you truly want to make money from home, you must brace yourself for the following challenges that come online work from home.

  1. Everything is responsibility. From the process of getting clients to the process of submitting the assignments, you are the one who has to step up and do it. Moreover, you are the one who determines the appropriate pricing that you will charge your clients.
  2. Lack of enough free time. When we talk of online jobs from home, it's easy to assume that there will be enough free time. But you are wrong. There is a lot of hard work here. Sometimes, to beat the deadlines, you have to sacrifice some sleep. If you are busy all the time, then you do not have sufficient time to spend with your family.
  3. Distractions are bound to happen if you are working from home, especially because you have no supervision. Sometimes you kids will come and disturb you at your workplace. This will affect your concentration, and you might end up providing low-quality tasks.
  4. Most of the time, you will be on your own as you will not have a company as you are working. As such, you are more likely to suffer from loneliness. On the contrary, those people who work in offices experience a colourful impromptu moment that will likely cheer them up to work.

How can you work effectively from home?

Working from home can be very rewarding. But this depends on how you will handle everything. We have suggested to you some of the ways to effectively manage yourself to reap the benefits of online jobs.


  1. Set up your workplace.

It's important that you have a workspace where you will handle all the tasks. Even though some might not have sufficient funds to have a home office, designating a place specifically for working, it can do you the trick. The workspace should be an enclosed area where you can lock yourself in such a place will free you of unnecessary distractions. Make the place comfortable in such a way that you will enjoy spending your time there.


  1. Manage your time

There are lots of tasks that you have to do when working from home. But if you want to maintain quality work, you have to have good time management. You have to organize those tasks that you think are essential first.


  1. Always stay focused.

There are lots of things that could affect your performance. Distraction and motivation are common culprits here. Most of the time, you will be working on your own. Loneliness and boredom could creep in and affect your performance. To ensure productivity, find ways of motivating yourself, such as rewarding yourself, having clearly defined goals and minimize distractions.

Ways to make money from home.

Here we present you with a few home business ideas that will surely generate you a substantial amount of income. You can work on more than two. The internet is awash with so many sites claiming that they offer legit work from home. Be sure that you check the credibility of each company before enrolling to one. Some of the ways to make money from home include the following

  1. Virtual assistant
  2. Transcribing
  3. Translating
  4. Data entry
  5. Web developer
  6. Blogs and academic writing
  7. Social media manager
  8. Blogging
  9. Travel agent
  10. Customer service representative
  11. Affiliate marketing
  12. Graphic designing
  13. Online tutoring
  14. Taking surveys

Home-based jobs attires.

Working at home does not require you to have a specific dress code. Nobody cares about what types of clothes you are wearing. As psychologists have always said, attires have an effect on your productivity though, at times, this effect is not vivid. Let's take an example of a lab coat, when a person wears a lab coat, the characteristics involved with a lab coat prepares the person mentally to handle the lab task which results in improved performance. While working remotely, you need clothes that are not official but are cosy. A Fleece robe could be ideal for a freelancer and here are some that we think will impress you as you work from home.

  1. Throw blanket wearable robe for adults. Most of the time, you will be working late at night when you will need an item of clothing with sleeves. This is a blanket with sleeves ideal for the cold times. The sleeves are long but leave your hands free. The size of this adult wearable blanket fits most adults.get it now


    2.Wearable Blanket throw Robe micro plush mink fleece with sleeves. This is the best wearable blanket for adults that suits most of them. It keeps you warm all through the year. These fleece blankets are available in different colors.get it now




      3.Women's long bathrobe plush soft fleece herringbone textured. It's one of the women 's robes offering ultra-comfort. It comes with two convenient pockets where you can put the tools that you need rottenly. Like all bathrobes for women, there are some features to increase its aesthetic value. These are the shawl collar and the self-tie belt.get it now



        4.Wearable hooded towel long sleeve surf poncho for adults. Ideally, it's meant for swimming. It's a men's bathrobe that the female gender can also wear. They are plus size robes fitting most of the adults.get it now


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