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Washing and Care Instructions

Washing and Care Instructions

How to extend the life of the product?


About washing:

The label is your friend.

All Blanket goodies have a sewn in tag with specific care instructions for that product. If yours is still attached, please follow those for the best cleaning results.

Wash Tag


Soak in the water, gently rub it so do not use a brush, it will break the line to reduce the service life of the blanket.

We know you want to keep your favorite plush or fleece feeling as soft as the day you first cuddled with it. To ensure years of cozy comfort, wash separately in cold water on the gentle cycle using your usual detergent. Use only non-chlorine bleach as needed. We recommend line drying but if you’re in a hurry, you can also put the blanket in the dryer on the no heat setting (sometimes called ‘air fluff’).

You may be asking, “Is washing separately on the gentle cycle and air drying really necessary?” And the answer is: yes, it is!

Here’s why: when you wash your blanket in a fully loaded washing machine, the fabrics rub against everything else that is in the wash. This can cause the fibers to get matted (sometimes referred to as pebbling), ball up into little round bits that come off (pilling) or stands of fibers that come loose (the dreaded shedding). Sometimes your blanket can pick up fibers from other laundry it's washed with, leading to discolored pilling that is not attractive or nice feeling. So separate really is best!


About Drying:

There are conditions can use the dryer drying,

in the outdoor tile drying, don’t use the shelf easy to deform.

Heat can also damage the fibers, which is why we recommend air or line drying. The good news is that the washing machine’s spin cycle usually does a great job getting most of the water out and the blankets don’t take very long to dry!





Please check the pockets before you wash it with a machine.

The mites will die at a temperature of 50 degrees.

Wash like colors together.

Fill a basin with cool water and a gentle detergent.

Swirl the laundry a few times over the course of an hour.

Gently squeeze out excess water.

Dry on a drying rack.



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mia - July 3, 2023

im worried that i didn’t put it on the right settings and stuff for the washing part
i know it says it up top but my washer is a little weird

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